About Teamline

The team behind the bot

Teamline started in sunny Perth, Western Australia - a place renowned for being the most isolated capital city in the world, making it the perfect location to understand the challenges of remote and distributed teams.

In early 2015, we sketched our first idea for a “team dashboard” for managers, and took the idea into beta trials in July 2015. This product, called TeamAhoy, gave managers an instant overview of what was happening in their team, and kept people in the team informed and engaged.

In March 2016, Teamline was born. We combined the technology behind TeamAhoy with real-world experience of our customers, and our own experience with using Slack for team communication.

Damian Bramanis
Before starting Teamline, Damian Bramanis was the founder of TeamAhoy. He has also held management and senior technical roles across finance, higher education, gaming, government, and resources sectors.
Felix Wilkins
Felix Wilkins is the lead developer for Teamline. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and has built numerous web applications to help people in their day to day lives.