Exciting news from Busybot...

We're changing our name to Teamline!

On February 26, 2016, we founded Busybot. Our aim was to help teams keep track of their work in Slack.

We’ve talked to hundreds of people around the globe about getting work done in Slack, and found that many of you wanted the same thing. Conversations would scroll up off the top of the screen, and you’d soon forget important work that you’d delegated, or something that you were supposed to do. Sometimes things would fall between the cracks, and lots of people told us that they were very busy, with lots of conversations happening across different Slack channels and workspaces.

So we built Busybot to help teams around the world. We called it Busybot as a counterpart to Slackbot - a home for the things that you and your team are busy doing, and a bot that keeps you informed about them.

And tens of thousands of teams signed up! Each month, Busybot grew, with more teams, more features, more users and lots more work happening. We’re super excited to be helping companies that race cars, operate on eyes, manage weddings, install windows, teach dancing classes, print invitations, create TV shows, test new drugs, sell real estate, brew beer and much much more! The growth has been exciting.

But we’ve discovered that the name “Busybot” is limiting to us… we’re more than just a bot, and if there’s one thing we dislike above all else it’s busy-work for the sake of being busy!

So why Teamline? Right now is a big opportunity to refocus on the right things. We’re changing our name, to make sure that it conveys the same things we believe about the future of the product:

What does this mean for you when we rebrand? When we change our name, our product will remain the same - projects, tasks, checklists, templates, and labels will all stay the same. We’re just changing the name.

You’ll see a new name and a new avatar for teamline, which will appear on your slack team in the week of May 7, 2018. You’ll also see new /teamline slash commands appearing on your slack team too!

There’s lots more to come - we’re doubling down on being the best, simplest, and easiest way possible to keep track of your work in Slack. So stay tuned for more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Teamline?

We’re making sure our name reflects our values — we’re more than “just a bot”, and we sure don’t like being busy just for the sake of being busy! Our focus is on connecting teams with their work, and making it simple and easy to know where things are.

What happens to @busybot?

@busybot will magically be renamed to @teamline on the week of May 7. You won’t need to reinstall or change anything.

What happens to /busybot and /bb slash commands?

We’re changing over to a new /teamline slash command (or if you’d like to shorten it, /tl for short!)

What happens to my data?

All of your data remains in tact - and you won’t miss any notifications or see any interruptions.

Is there anything I need to do?

If you do have old bookmarked URLs to access Busybot, you’ll need to update these. When you access them, you’ll get reminded about it :)

What if I don't want my bot to be called @teamline?

Slack lets you rename bots, so you can choose any name you like! To rename @teamline, visit Teamline settings for your Slack team and click the pencil icon beside "Bot User"