Simple project management for Slack

Teamline keeps track of important tasks and decisions, right where they happen in chat. So you can take your team's productivity to a whole new level.

Create tasks directly in chat

Just type /teamline, or zap any existing message, and Teamline will create a task and track it for you

Assign tasks to team members

You can directly assign tasks to your team members and vice versa, and organize them by Slack channel

Add more detail

Attach files, descriptions, subtasks, due dates, comments, labels, view a full task history (and more!)

Set your own reminders

Customise your reminders so Teamline knows exactly how often you want to be nudged

Build repeatable workflows

Need to carry out the same steps? Build templated tasks and checklists that you can reuse at the click of a button. Even automate the timing.

Easy to track

Get a full view of everything you and your team are working on


There is so much you can do with Teamline (and its growing)

Create Tasks

Create tasks at the click of a button

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to your team members

Add More Details

Add in-depth descriptions on any task for greater clarity

Create Subtasks

Break bigger tasks into sub-tasks


Add files and attachments to any task


Add comments as you’re working on a task

Set Due Dates

Set dues dates so tasks are completed on time

Set Reminders

Create reminders for you and your team

Reusable Checklists

Create a checklist in any task for you and your team to work through


Make templates for quick cloning of recurring tasks

Multi-day Tasks

Break tasks into multiple days and working periods

Sort & Filter

Cut your own views of what due, what’s overdue, what you team has missed


Search your whole team's tasks to get a snapshot of your tasks due today, forgotten tasks, tasks due on Monday… and more

See What Everyone Is Working On

You can get team views, person views, task views – go as granular as you want

Daily Reports

Get a daily reminder of what you and your team are working on

Shared Team Calendar

Create a calendar to get a view of your team and their timelines

Sync Your Calendar

Sync your team calendar to Outlook, Google Mail or Apple Calendar

Mobile Ready

Sync with your mobile device and take Teamline on the go

Zapier Ready

Integrate with other systems such as Evernote, Google Docs, ticketing systems, and more

Time Off

Stop tasks recurring while you're on vacation!

No Configuration Required

No need to create accounts for your team members

Organize by Channels

Organized around your Slack channels

Private Channels

Private channels get private task lists

Private Tasks

Make tasks private to just yourself and specific people

Convert any Slack message to a task

Hit the zap emoji, and Teamline will turn that message into a task

Color labels

Add labels to organize and manage your teams tasks

Star Channels

Bring the most important channels to the top

It all happens in Slack

No usernames, no passwords, no wait time – simply login via Slack and start working. And because all notifications are sent to Slack - Teamline won't send any annoying emails.

Teamline is free to get started and evaluate for 15-days for teams of all sizes.

Add to Slack

You can easily choose/change a plan at any time, which offers the right features and control for your team.